Change as a good thing

This is a great article about the San Antonio Spurs that relates to anyone who has been doing something for a long time.

(Background: The Spurs and Lakers are the two teams that can be called a basketball dynasty over the last 10-15 years having won 4 and 5 titles respectively in that timeframe. The Spurs have had to undergo some radical shifts in their style of play over the last couple year.)

This secton is a gem.

On a professional level, Popovich said that the change wasn't merely a product of necessity, but also rejuvenating for a coaching staff and roster that had known only one thing for the better part of a decade.
"It was great because we'd been the same team for a long time," Popovich said. "If you want to keep winning you have to be aware of changes that might need to be made. It was pretty obvious we had to do it. But it did make it more fun. I think the players enjoyed it, too. They were probably getting bored of the same old stuff."
This is the language of a creative person, someone who values not only result, but the process of his work. Popovich isn't just a tactician, he's one of the most expansive thinkers in the game.

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