Embedding Twitter Posts

This has probably been around for a while, but I just saw it today. Twitter now makes it easy to embed Twitter posts into a blog.


  • Click on a twitter post so that it expands to show the time of the posting and a hyperlink labeled "details".

  • Click on the details link.

  • Click on the 'embed this tweet' link.
  • Copy the html tab and choose an alignment.

The great thing about this implementation is that the reader can interact with the tweet, e.g. replying or retweeting the post.

On building my writing habits

Over the last couple years I've tried to get better at meditation. I don't do it near as much as I'd like, but that's okay. I've read several books on the topic and one consistent mantra I see is to not judge or beat up oneself. When you are meditating and your mind wanders, the authors write, gently, non-judgmentally, call yourself back to meditation.

That terminology used to put me off. But it is really important to meditation. If you start beating yourself up whilst trying to meditate, or feeling bad when about not meditating, you are defeating the purpose.

I'm going to try that approach with my writing as well.

One thing I'd like to do is write more often, even daily. It's the only way I'll improve my writing. To that end, I've decided on the days when I don't have a topic that comes to mind I'm going to use my friend Randy Murray's Writing Assignments book as a guide. And, since I really like the idea of using my Calepin blog site (see the Calepin site for more information) and have been struggling with how to incorporate it in, I'll start using that site for these writing assignments.

Writing Assignments

Markdown, Calepin, and Byword

I found this blog today as I was looking for more information on writing with a Markdown Editor: Journal - live your best dreams. Really great stuff.

I downloaded Byword • A Simple Text Editor for Mac and already love it after about 10 minutes. The shading of text really is nice (Byword shades the Markdown stylings in a light shade of gray).

I was having trouble getting Brett Terpstra's Scripts to work (I'm positive it's user error on my part) but I found The Macolyte's script and it worked for me. I used QuicKeys to program a key command and voila, when I have a file I want to preview in Marked, a couple taps of the keys and I am there.

Since this is a post on Markdown and I've been trying out calepin this week, I'm going to double post this in both spots. You can find my calepin site here.