I'm more detached from the result than I have ever been in my career.

He played the smartest way he could, working as hard as he knew to work. If that ended in a loss … well, life's like that sometimes. But it's no reason to go changing everything.

It's exactly not how most of us think about sports. But maybe it is, in fact, exactly the lesson we should all take from the best teams in the NBA and into our daily lives. Do things the right way, even when that gets you bad results.

                  ~ Shane Battier (first quote); Henry Abbott. ESPN article: Durant, Thunder still right on time

This is the same article that my Scott Brook's quote from yesterday was from, just a fantastic article about doing the work. That Shane Battier quote shows a commitment to doing things the right way that most people cannot commit to, but if you can, I'm going to say that whether the results are good or bad, as a person, you will sleep better at night and be happier.