Positive Psychology

I started following the blog Simplicity is Bliss in January, and I'm so glad I did. I started because I am an OmniFocus devotee and the author of the blog, Sven Fechner, writes often about maximizing the use of OmniFocus. Really good articles.

But the article about which I'm posting today has nothing to do with OmniFocus, but rather is an article about a Ted Talk he referenced back in February. I set the link aside until I had a chance to watch with the family. We finally got around to that last night.

The speaker, Shawn Achor is an incredibly talented speaker. He is witty, funny, passionate.

His focus is on positivity and how you can train your brain to focus on the positive. He recommends very doable things you can add to your daily life that will 're-wire' your brain to look for positivity. After watching together, we decided (okay, I decided, I'm the dad, I get to do that, it's one of the perks) that we are going to try this out.

Go read Sven's article about it, then go watch the Ted Talk, it'll be the best 12 minutes you spend today.