Music as of late

I posted back in January about how much I was enjoying the Hans Zimmer channel on Pandora. He is a prolific composer and has created the scores for movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Gladiator, and the Dark Knight. I have since created one or two other channels that are great for working. Research shows that if you listen to music that has vocals in it, you are diverting some of your brain to those lyrics whether you realize it or not, and I have noticed that I work better with non-vocals music.

I added a Bear McCreary channel. There is some overlap, but not all. And I loved Bear's work in Battlestar Galactica.

But my favorite addition to my musical catalog in 2012 (maybe even all of 2011) is the Moneyball soundtrack. My buddy Kris told me to give it a listen, and I listen to it constantly now. It is a terrific soundtrack. Give it a listen.