Louis CK on trying and failing

This is a fantastic interview of Louis CK by Bill Simmons on Simmons' podcast, the BS Report, about Louis CK's career. It is an amazing conversation and how Louis CK approaches his career is something everyone can learn from.

Louis CK: I'll try anything that I think might be good. I don't care if I fail. Who cares, try it again... there's a limit to things. You can't think everything is forever...I mean, not doing something because it didn't work would be like you're a quarterback at the 25 and you hand the ball off and he pushes it up 8 yards, and you say "well we didn't score a touchdown let's go home."

A while later, the discussion is about Louis' several attempts at TV shows and how he was affected by them.

Bill Simmons: ...you were traumatized to know that they [hollywood execs] were messing with it.
Louis CK: I wouldn't say traumatized at all.
Bill Simmons: What's the right word.
Louis CK: I, I learned from it. I was cautioned and educated.
Bill Simmons: Fair. Was the Dana Carvey show traumatizing.
Louis CK: ...I just don't believe in "trauma". That's a white guy's word. A black guy who loses his legs doesn't say "I was traumatized". We put these medical words on stuff that just happens in life.

Moments later he talks about learning from failing.

Louis CK: You get more information from failure than you do from success because there's forensics, there's a dead body on the floor, there's all kinds of information... but when everybody wins and there's confetti everywhere...wins aren't analyzed in a way for me that is meaningful.