British Newspaper Archive

I love history. My father was a history teacher so I'm sure that had much to do with it. It's a great time to be a lover of history. I am fascinated whenever historical items are put online. Whether it is The Life photo archivegoing back to the 1860's, or New York World's Fair 1939-1940 records, 1935-1945, bulk (1939-1940). | The New York Public Library, I can and have spent hours perusing these sites.

Today, The British Newspaper Archive announced that over 300 years of newspaper articles have been put online, and they have some pretty intriguing research tools and timelines to find articles.

UPDATE: I should note that the service has some free samples but that there is a cost for much if not most of it. Regardless, this will be a great research tool.

On the home page was a link to an article with a supposed eyewitness testimony of The Battle of Waterloo!

It was a dreadful night. The rain fell in torrents and was most oppressive to the troops, bivouacked as they were in the midst of mire, and not having had time to construct any temporary shelter... It was near seven o'clock when Bonaparte, who had till then remained on the hill, from which he clearly saw all that was passing, contemplated with a look of ferocity the hideous scene of butchery beneath him.

Amazing, can't wait to read more.